Time After Time

On Mother’s Day there are two sides of the isle.  One is rejoicing for the children they have and the other is mourning for the children they have lost.  Of course, there are also Mothers who do both.

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A fellow blogger and, more importantly, a fellow sister in Christ has experienced that immeasurable loss.  Her family was getting ready to make a huge journey to South America to spread the gospel when their 3-month-old little girl Zoe died unexpectedly.

That made me look at my 3-month-old and think, “What if this was the last time I held my baby?”  Every yawn, every smile, and every moment, I want to treasure forever because, it could very well be.

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I feel blessed to be a mom 4 times over.  Time after time, each of my children bring me immense joy, while at the same time, a strong conviction.  I see the same effect playing out in the lives of so many others.

For example, My husband and I like to watch reality TV competitions.  Survivor, the Ultimate fighter, Master Chef, and Hells kitchen are some of our favorites.  And we see it again and again.  These people were broken and headed down the wrong path, but then they had a child of their own and it made them want to straighten out; living a better life so the ones they love will have it even better still.

Of course there is an ugly side to Motherhood.  It is all the little things your children do that urk you, but then you realize; monkey see, monkey do.  There is no where to hide.  Your children emulate your behavior, the good and the bad.

But that’s what’s so wonderful about Motherhood – the motivation to change bad to good and good to better, the opportunity to experience unconditional love first hand, no matter what you were like before or who you are now.  Motherhood is more than an experience, it is a miracle.

motherhood quote

And just like other miracles, it can be brushed aside as simple coincidence, probability, or so diluted that it becomes an ordinary inconvenience.

But in the memory of Zoe and others lost, join me and 30 other bloggers in giving Motherhood the admiration it deserves.  Let’s rejoice in the amazing gift God has given us!  Let’s shout to the world and tell of the great rewards children bring to their parents!  Let’s treasure the time that we have because it is fleeting.

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