Develop Health Habits with the PURELL 30 Day Challenge!

Our habits should change with the season.  When summer starts to come to an end and children go back to school, germs begin to rear their ugly head.  Immune systems are down with the cooler weather and infection spreads rapidly with so many people’s children coming into contact with bad germs.

That’s why PURELL has sponsored this post to help you reduce your chances of getting sick.  I am apart of the Mom It Forward Blogger Network was compensated and received free product for this post, but all opinions are 100% my own.

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Reduce Your Risk

Although your body may be susceptible, you can help prevent disease with a simple step.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and other leading health organizations agree that proper hand hygiene is one of the most important preventative measures you can take to reduce your risk of illness and infection.  That’s why PURELL has started a 30 Day Challenge!

We’re excited to get involved.  We always try to get our children to wash their hands before meals and after playing outside.  I’m not always able to stand in the bathroom and monitor if they are taking me serious when I tell them to count to 30 while soaping up.  Having PURELL around helps ease my mind and rid their hands of any germs that they missed.

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According to a 2013 study, using PURELL 3 times a day for 30 days can reduce your chances of getting sick.   To make it easy to develop health habits, PURELL is giving away prizes daily!

What is the 30 Day Challenge

Starting July 14, visis PURELL on Facebook or the 30 Day Challenge Page to register for the promotion.  Each day, PURELL has a creative challenge for you to complete to increase your chances of winning!


You will receive:

  •  1 entry when you register for the promotion
  • 1 entry for every friend who registers for the promotion (limit 10 entries)
  • 1 entry each time you visit the PURELL Advanced 30-Day Challenge page on
  • 5 entries for videos, 2 entries for photos and 1 entry per story read

You Could Win

In addition to reducing your risk of illness, here are the prizes you could win from joining the 30 Day Challenge:

• 63 Daily winners will receive PURELL Advanced products

• 8 Weekly winners will receive a $100 Visa gift card

• 30 Grand Prize winners will receive a Healthy Family Prize Pack, including a variety of fun, healthy-habit forming gifts.

How do you teach your children to prevent the spread of disease?

To connect with PURELL, follow them on Twitter and use #PURELL30 or find them on Pinterest.


  1. Cindy says

    Even the government has come out and stated that using hand sanitizer is not a good thing to do on a regular basis. Plain soap and water is best. I’m sure if you washed your hands with soap and water three extra times a day that you would get the same results in being healthier and not getting sick. Hand sanitizer does not discriminate between good germs and bad germs. If not used correctly it can lead to stronger bad germs that are harder to treat and get rid of. Plus the stuff makes your hands taste nasty if you happen to get an accidental finger in your mouth. Why would I want to handle my food with such nasty fingers?
    “Washing hands with soap and water is the best way to reduce the number of microbes on them in most situations.”
    ” Furthermore, soap and water are more effective than hand sanitizers at removing or inactivating certain kinds of germs, like Cryptosporidium, norovirus, and Clostridium difficile 11-15.”

    Hand sanitizers should be used as a last resort and not on a regular basis. IF you feel that you have to use it perhaps you could use it first and then wash your hands with soap and water a little later.

    • says

      Hi Cindy,
      Thank you so much for your concern. I agree, hand washing is best. With children, they don’t always wash there hands the way the CDC advises, so we like to have it handy. Hospitals use the same thing. However, using hand sanitizer does not cause stronger bad germs. Overuse of antibiotics does. In fact, washing your hands with antibacterial soap may cause antibiotic resistant strains.

      I really appreciate the time you took to comment and make the hand washing point clear.

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