10 Things to do for Preschool at Home and Mom’s Library #84

You’ve decided to do preschool at home.  After doing crafts for A-J, you decide to re-think your lesson plan.  Of course learning the alphabet is essential, sometimes a less regimented approach is more effective.  Here are 10 fabulous things you can do to keep your home preschool exciting and your preschooler loving it too.

preschool at home

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This Week’s Featured Posts…


Hands on Math Activities

With this simple DIY number line, your preschooler will be counting forward and back in no time.  Don’t forget skip counting!

math for preschool at home


Themed Learning

Pick your child’s favorites and revolve the learning around that!

penguin theme for preschool


Your child’s creative abilities are one of the most valuable things they can cultivate.  Craft projects are great, but other kinds of art will stretch their minds.  This project is awesome because kids love wearing something they’ve made!

art for preschool at home

Simple Science

Experiments don’t have to be done with fancy test tubes or chemicals.  There’s amazing things taking place all around us, we just need to point them out to our children and they will soak up the knowledge.

apple science for preschool at home

Teach Phonics

It’s never to early to teach children the connection between letter sounds and words.  Here are some great tips for teaching children to read.

phonics for preschool at home

Play Board Games

There are tons of educational board games out there, but most games have preschool learning built right in.  Counting, reading, color recognition; most of these things are built right into the game.  But you can teach your child anything by changing up the rules a bit.

board games for preschool at home

Sing Songs!

Songs can be fun learning tools, but they also bring joy to your home!

songs for preschool at home


These are great for independent work time to develop study skills, focus, and writing skills.

printables for preschool at home


Come up with a reward system to motivate and reinforce good work ethic.

reward system for preschool at home

Have Fun!

Host a learning party just for fun.  Be spontaneous.  Go outside a lot.  But whatever you do, don’t forget to laugh and play because this time we have with our children is gone too soon!

party for preschool at home


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  1. allyson tice says

    I really like posts on fun activities I can do with my kids. I prefer to do hands on things instead of using the computer or tv with my kiddos!

  2. Katy H. says

    I like a mix of things – keeps thing interesting. But, I really enjoy activity posts, they help me get new ideas and be a little more creative than my normal self.

  3. Sarah S says

    My favorite posts are those sharing ideas for great activities. I’m always looking for fresh ways to keep the attention of the little ones and help them grow.

  4. Cynthia P says

    I most appreciate the everyday (non-holiday) hands-on, active learning activities for preschool home schooling. Thanks.

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