Educational Carnival Games: Buried Treasure

“Hunting for Buried Treasure” is one of my favorite learning games because it is so versatile and my kids love it!  This activity can be used to teach literally any subject.  All I do is hide letters, numbers or flash cards in a tub of dried corn, and my kids “play” all day.

preschool treasure hunt game

Like I said, this game has a million different applications, but here are a few of the basic guidelines:

The treasure hunter (pirate), closes his eyes while I hide the treasure deep in a mountain of corn.  On the count of three, the game begins.  The “hunter” races to the bin and frantically digs for goodies.  Without the aid of pick or shovel, the little treasure seeker has a mere ten seconds to uncover as much as possible.  Three, two, one, and done!

Now its time to divide the booty.  I have my little ones hold up their items.  They must identified, solve, or describe the items to my satisfaction or they lose them!  For every 10 they get right, I trade them a small reward.  That is really all there is to it.

So, the next time you are looking for a way to energize one of your lessons, consider “Hunting for Buried Treasure.”

preschool treasure hunt game

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