Christmas Crafts for Kids: Handmade Christmas Tree Cards

Handmade Christmas cards –

Christmas crafts for kids, handmade cards kids can make

It’s a family tradition.
We’re starting early
so it’s not an impossible mission.
It helps my daughter’s writing skills.
My craft addiction it fulfills.
Something different every year.
To bring a little Christmas Cheer.
This card only takes a few minutes to do.
It’s super simple too.


First, you will need these supplies, plus some tape would be wise.

Christmas crafts for kids Christmas cards kids can make

Have your child pick a leaf.
Use two or more for a motif.
Tape them vein side down
to white paper you got from town.

Christmas crafts for kids

Turn the paper around and rub left to right.

Christmas cards kids can make

 Add some sparkles to make it merry and bright.

Christmas crafts for kids

“Wow Audrey, that card looks great!”

Christmas crafts for kids

 Inside of the card I let her decorate :)

Christmas crafts for kids

There you have it, don’t you see?

A Christmas card with a beautiful tree!

Do you like to make Christmas crafts with your kids?

Would you like to buy these? I am taking bids.

Just kidding.  We had so much fun making our cards that my daughter wanted to make even more!  And that’s fine with me, then I don’t have to buy any.  The only problem you might have is keeping a creative kid in the house.  I did!  Audrey wanted to search for all different kinds of leaves to make different leaf patterns.  I think it would be fun to try pine needles or ferns.  You could even cover the card with your leaf patterns and place a festive holiday greeting over it.

Do you have any Christmas traditions?  I would love to hear about it. Please leave a comment below.

You can find more crafty inspiration and share yours at Mom’s Library.

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    Such cute Christmas cards, I’ve never thought to use leaf printing to make Christmas tress! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your kind words! :) I hope you and your daughter have some fun with the spelling chants! Following you now too.


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