Best Gifts for New Moms: What They Really Want!

Baby clothes, toys, a new car seat; those are the gifts that new moms say they want.  I remember when I was pregnant for the first time, registering at Babies-R-Us for every little thing under the sun.

Now, with a fourth on the way, the last thing I would ask for is a cute snugly outfit.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love adorable animal heads on backsides of my kid’s pjs just as much as the next mom.  But if I could go back and do it again, these are the gifts I would put on my list!

5 best gifts for new moms

The Top 5 Best Gifts for New Moms

1.  Food!

After 23 hours of labor with my first child, I was starving!  It’s the worst hunger I’ve ever experienced.  Where you just can satisfy the emptiness that you feel in your stomach.  No matter how much you eat, you’ll feel hungry again in 1/2 hr.

After going home, it gets worse.  You have to get up and make your own food!  The insanity!  Unless your husband knows how to cook (lucky).  After being up with you through the labor, that’s no fun for him either.

If you want to get the new mom something amazing, make her some freezer meals or set up a meal delivery schedule with this free online meal planner,

You set the days and meals that the new mom would like help with.  Then, family and friends can volunteer by signing up online.  Email reminders are sent out to those who sign up and the new mom.  My church family did this for me after my third child, and it was one of the best gifts I’ve ever received.

gifts for new moms meals

2.  Sleep!

Oh Sleep.  How doth I loveth thee!  Most new moms really struggle with the lack of sleep they’ll experience in the first couple of weeks after delivery.  If baby isn’t sleeping well it makes it even worse.

You can help!  Make her read my post about helping your newborn sleep.  Then, stay away for the first couple weeks.  It’s nice when people try to show you they care by visiting, but it really makes it harder to relax.

Make a point to visit (after 2-4 weeks) to help with the baby or just hold the baby, while she takes a nap.  Don’t let her stay up and visit with you!  She’ll probably try to protest, but be persistent and make her go and lay down.  Sleep isn’t just want she wants, but what she really needs.

new moms sleep

3.  Maid Service Please!

How many of you want someone to come and clean your house right now?  So you know that a new mom would love this gift.  If a maid service is a little too pricey, you could also surprise the new parents by coming over to clean the house while they are in the hospital.  How awesome would that be?

4.  Pampering

Labor is hard work.  After undergoing the most brutal pain and then experiencing sleepless nights, most new moms don’t want to do anything let alone their hair or nails.  After caring for baby all day and night, a new mom needs some pampering too.  A gift certificate to a spa so she can choose whatever she wants, is a gift she won’t forget!

5.  Encouragement

New moms might be questioning their mothering skills after the first couple of nights at home.  Even after 3 newborns, it still takes me a little bit to adjust.  What’s more is that every baby is different; having their own little personality right off the bat.  Most new moms may second guess themselves and their abilities.  Don’t let them!

While advice is nice, please don’t force your newborn parenting methods on others.  If they ask, that is one thing.  What new moms really need is encouragement and reassurance that everything is going to work out, they’re doing just fine, and their baby is the cutest thing ever!

new moms

Are you a new mom?  What’s that best gift you’ve been given, other than your beautiful new babe? :)

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  1. Amber P. says

    I would imagine, knowing the women in my circles, that many women would feel offended if I decided to come clean their house for them. We tend to be very protective of our homes and prideful about anyone even thinking that our home is remotely messy or will be messy. I know it’s sad, but I can’t think of very many women I would feel comfortable offering up my cleaning services to knowing they may take the offer the wrong way.
    However, the meals are something we all do and is such an amazing idea. Encouragement is good. I can’t offer the sleep idea because no mom will take any advise from me yet – no matter where I got it from – since I’m not yet a mom (but am in the mom world…it’s awkward)…but I am always willing to offer my time in watching their little one as they may need sleep or something. I have done that before.
    When I go to baby showers, I try to always get something for both the mommy and the baby. I think that goes a long way too because I’m letting them know that they are just as special as their little one they’re carrying.
    Good post. Thank you.

    • says

      You’re probably right about the cleaning thing. But the new mom will get over being protective very fast once they experience sleep deprivation and thank you for it later :) Privacy is important and I think you can respect that and still help out. It could be something as simple as doing the dishes, vacuuming or dusting. I think it is awesome that you get something for Mommy in addition to baby! That is very thoughtful.

    • says

      I see your point, Amber. To me, “surprise the new parents by coming over to clean the house while they are in the hospital” sounds like probably a bad idea, but it could be done tactfully: “I’m sure there’s some chore at home that you won’t feel like doing when you get there–would you like me to run some laundry or something?” If nothing else, there may be a little mess created at the last minute before leaving for the hospital. Or if you’re talking to parents after they’re home, you can ask what you could do to help.

      Nice article, Jeannine! I agree, this type of gift is priceless!
      Becca @ The Earthlings Handbook recently posted…GAME SHOW!! with math practiceMy Profile

  2. Rebecca says

    I agree the cleaning thing is a pride thing. We recently lost my grandma and towards the end I noticed my aunt, single with no kids stretching herself very thin and was ashamed her house was a mess. I “broke” in one day while I made sure she went to visit her mom. Oh and her place wasn’t that bad. But when she came home she was ashamed and embarrassed and trying not to be angry. Once we sat and talked she turned to me and thanked me bcuz she had time to realize this is what she really needed. And she knows I don’t judge her. Just a thought

    • says

      I was the exact same way! After three children, I am embarrassed if someone sees all the dirt up close and personal, but I am so thankful. When my parents come to visit, they just do things without me asking, in fact, sometimes I try to get them to stop. It is really nice when they refuse to listen :).

      • says

        I for one, already have someone on retainer to go clean my house when i go to the hospital. Why in the world be embarrassed? I strive for cleanliness and organization on a daily basis, but I have a husband, three labs (inside and out, so they bring in dirt and shed), a cat, and a baby on the way. Plus I work. One person cannot possibly do it all and have it up to par on a daily basis. I don’t like a dirty house, and will take help any time to keep it clean, so come on to my house, sisters!

  3. Kendra says

    Nothing would make me happier than having maid service come over and clean. And, when it’s your mom, you don’t really mind her cleaning, either. Having my 3rd baby in a few weeks, and I’ll be accepting all the help I can get! :)

  4. Jordan says

    My best friend came over and just started cleaning. There were dishes in the sink and she took care of it. Then she watched my little one while I showered. That was the best thing ever!!

  5. Kortney says

    Our church arranged to bring us meals every single day while our baby was in the nicu, they also took up an offering to help us buy hospital food (yum!) since we were there over a week.
    Our neighbors took care of our garbage cans and shoveled our driveway and sidewalks while we were gone. They also parked their cars at our house so it looked like people were home and the house wasn’t looking empty every day.
    I have only a few friends I would feel comfortable enough letting them clean my house. Don’t show up unless you are that friend. If you’re not sure, you’re not! :)


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