how to do a home preschool teaching tips

How to Homeschool Preschool: Teaching Tips

When I started teaching my daughter, I didn’t think of it as homeschooling. There were some things that I thought were important for her to learn so I tried to present them in a way that she could relate to. I didn’t have to do much planning. I didn’t need to buy any supplies, and I […]

vocabulary for young children

Feed Your Children WORDS

Haven’t we all experienced it at some point? The moment we discover a new word and then suddenly everyone starts using it. For our whole lives no one uttered the word, but now it seems to be all the world is talking about. In reality, the word had always been in circulation, but because our minds […]

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slow cooker ham

The BEST Slow Cooker Ham Ever

The first time I tried this slow cooker ham it was my first Thanksgiving as a new mom. My husband's aunt made it and I was skeptical. Ham wasn't really my thing. I used to … [Read More...]