How to Make Easy Lesson Plans

I never wanted to plan anything.  Every time I got behind on my work or missed an important date, I made excuses.  Schedules and planners just didn’t work for me I’d proclaim, but really I just wasn’t used to using them.  After wearing myself out trying to keep track of things in my head and on post-it notes, I decided I needed a better way.

That was years ago.  Now, I plan out most everything including our homeschooling day.  God has given me a limited amount of time and I want to use it wisely.  Plus, it’s just easier and helps me get more done.  For years, I used printable planners and excel worksheets.  That’s why I’m so excited to show you how to make easy lesson plans online with Lessontrek.

How to Make lesson plans the easy way!

I was sponsored by Lessontrek to review their homeschool lesson planning tool and am excited to share my experience as well as an awesome giveaway!  All opinions are mine alone.  For more information please read my full disclosure.

Why Plan Lessons?

Even though we have a relaxed homeschool schedule, I want my daughters to develop a healthy routine and get used to planning their day.  That way they don’t run into the same problems I used to.  By planning out our week, everyone knows what they should be doing that day and we never miss an important date.

You might not want to plan every detail, but it certainly helps meet goals and keep track of activities.  Remember that lesson plans are to help you, not to be your master.  Don’t think of it as the rule and get frustrated for not completing it.  Think of it as a compass; it will help guide you in the right direction if you need it.

Why Lessontrek?

Lessontrek helps you plan lessons quickly and easily.  You never have to worry about losing them, spilling something on them, or having to spend a lot of money to recover them from a broken computer.  There are no papers to deal with if you don’t want to and it takes half the time to complete.

With Lessontrek, I simply map out my routine for the week and copy and paste that routine onto the whole year.  Then, I fill out individual assignments for the month.  I like to do it monthly that way I can adjust if my child is moving fast or if she needs extra time on a subject.

lesson plans

After I have everything scheduled.  I can print it out as a guide for my eldest daughter.  She feels independent being able to manage and check off her tasks each day.  I also use it to plan learning activities for my 2 preschool aged children.

homeschool lesson plans

The tool has drag and drop features that makes it easier than any other tool to reschedule your week.  It took me just minutes to learn how to use Lessontrek and plan out my first week.  It is the most affordable planning tool on the market and you can try it for FREE with a trial account.

Don’t wait to get started managing your time and getting more done with Lessontrek.  They have offered True Aim readers a special discount of 50% off!  That means it is only $2 a month!  Hurry, offer ends 7/30/14.

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How to Make Easy Lesson Plans

To see just how easy it is to set up your lesson plans, watch the video below and meet the founder!

Lessontrek Giveaway

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Plant Science: Edible Mini Garden

When you are 6 years old it’s hard to see into the future.  Growing a big garden the first time can be discouraging when it takes such a long time to grow and taste the fruit of your labors.  That’s why a mini garden is the perfect solution for young children.  After just a couple weeks they’re able to see and taste the benefit of their work!

Plant Science Edible mini garden for kids

To add a little whimsy to our garden we pretended it was a forest and added some animals to it.  It was also a little experiment to see if we could get a seed to sprout on an animal.  Encourage other scientific hypotheses by asking your children questions about how long they think it will take for the seeds to start sprouting.

Edible Mini Garden Supplies

For our mini garden we used mustard seeds.  Other seeds that do well for sprouts are watercress, radish, pea, chick pea, mung beans, alfalfa, fenugreek, sunflower, lentil, and broccoli.  You can buy many of these seeds or dried lentils at the bulk food store.  Then we used a pie dish for our container and a paper towel to keep the seeds moist.  You can use anything you have around the house, but if your seeds are larger you will want to use more paper towels, cotton or something thicker to keep those seeds moist.

animals in edible garden for kids

After Audrey placed the animals the way she wanted them, she poured the seeds all around the dish.  Then she soaked the paper towel with water and put the dish in a sunny window.  good seeds for sprouts

Each day she checked to make sure the paper towel was moist and added water as needed.  We didn’t want to drowned the seeds, but just keep them moist.

plant science for kids making sprouts

We were amazed that after just one day you could see the seeds starting to sprout!  God’s creation really is amazing.  The sprouts were ready to try after only 11 days.  This would make a great science experiment for the children to draw their observations and note what is happening to the little seed.

sprouts in window

The result of our experiment on growing seeds on the animals was unsuccessful.  I asked Audrey why she thought it didn’t work and she knew right away that the seeds weren’t staying moist on the plastic surface.  They needed to be touching something wet so they could absorb the water.

sprouts for science experiment

We accidentally forgot about our sprouts one day and they dried out a little, but after giving them water they perked back up.  I’m sure if you remember to water them diligently they would be ready even sooner.  They only need to be 1-2 inches long and have a couple leaves on them.

plant science edible mini garden

I added the sprouts to our sandwiches that day to give them a little crunch.  The kids really liked them!   Have you ever grown your own sprouts?

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