Teach Healthy Choices: Food Groups Printable File Folder Game

We’ve turned making healthy choices into a habit at every meal. We simply feed our children veggies first! Before they filled their bellies with all their favorites we made them eat their least favorite. Carrots and peas taste a LOT better when you are really hungry rather than at the end of the meal when you’re full.

The habit has turned their taste buds toward the healthy side and now my kids actually enjoy veggies. In fact, they have no problem eating a plain salad for dinner – no dressing!

Although they’ve already adopted the tradition of eating veggies first, I wanted to teach them more about all the food groups and how they can choose a balanced meal on their own. That way when we’re not at home, like at a party or restaurant, they’ll know what to put on their plate to make a complete meal that gives them the nutrition they need to stay healthy.

So, I made this free printable file folder game with lots of possibilities for learning.

Food Group Printable File Folder Game

Food Groups Printable File Folder Game

To make your own, simply print off the free food group printable below. Use cardstock to prevent your game pieces from being bent or ruined. You can also laminate them for even more durability. You’ll need a manila folder, scissors, and tape or glue.

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Food Pyramid Printable File Folder Game

After attaching the plain food pyramid and food plate pages onto the inside of your manila folder, cut out the other images to make a food pyramid puzzle and food group sorting game. I used some clear contact paper to laminate my pieces.

Before playing, explain the food pyramid to your children and talk about the different food groups. Each food group on the pyramid has daily serving sizes. For example, everyday we should eat about 6oz of grains and most of them whole grains like brown rice or whole wheat. If you break that down further, 1oz is about 1 slice of bread.

food group printable game

Pointing out the colors of food matter too. There are lots of different colors of vegetables and fruits and it is good to eat all those colors in our diets because each color represents different kinds of nutrients that are bodies need to grow big and strong.

My daughter loved putting the puzzle together and matching the right food to their category on her plate. You can easily extend the plate activity by having your children draw their own food cards. What are their favorite foods and what food group do they belong to?

Food Group Printable File Folder Game

When they’re all done playing, clean up is easy with the handy card holder that goes on the front of the folder and keeps all the pieces in one place.

Food Group Printable File Folder Game

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If You Want to Invest More in Schools, No One is Stopping You!

Finally a huge victory! And I just thought I’d share. Every year my property taxes are hiked up by a voter approved levy. This used to frustrate me because I never even knew about the vote. Then I figured out how our shady schools play the game.

A few years ago, I heard about the school district’s annual levy on the radio. The vote was scheduled for Friday. I planned to show up and vote NO. By a random chance I happened to turn the radio on on a Wednesday, and guess what, I found out that the vote had been moved forward to that day! I think this was intentional. All the kids and parents would know because the schools made announcements, but if it hadn’t been for my luck, I would have still showed up on Friday.

When I went to vote the place was of course, the local schools. On top of that, I found out why the vote was moved to that Wednesday; it was parent-teacher conference night or something; oh and the school choir was preforming. How perfect, parents who wouldn’t have shown up otherwise, now would be available to vote prior to the concert. And the school wasn’t bashful about it. They were telling the parents to vote. Of course, we didn’t stand a chance and the lev y was passed.

School Levy

New school construction in my town. KYLE GREEN — kgreen@idahostatesman.com

Well, they played a similar game this year. Again, if it wasn’t for the random chance that I turned the radio on, I wouldn’t have know about the proposed levy or the vote. Thanks to a local radio host, Nate Shelman, who got the word out, we finally had enough property owners show to defeat a levy!!!!  This was a huge victory because our school districts never lose!!!!

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