H is for Holy Spirit Bible Lesson and Activity

How do you teach children about a concept that most adults can’t really comprehend? This Holy Spirit Bible lesson and activity can help!

bible lesson for kids holy spirit activity

Teaching children about the Holy Spirit isn’t easy. I don’t think anyone will fully understand until we ask God in heaven, but I did the best I could.  I broke our lesson into three parts: Who, How, What.  This made it easy for them to learn and as they get older, I can fill in their basic knowledge with more details.

I’ve joined the ABC’s of Bible study for children! To hear how I tackled this topic, stop by my friend at To the Moon and Back to read more…

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Giveaway! 15+ Unique Fall Learning Activities for Preschoolers

Fall is here! The colors, smells, and scenery are all distinct changes you can capitalize on. Opportunities to learn are as numerous as the fallen leaves. That’s why I’m featuring some Unique Fall Learning Activities to get you started.

More Fall Learning activities for Preschoolers than you can imagine!

This post contains an awesome Giveaway! For more info read my full disclosure.

We love fall because of the cozy atmosphere, the harvest, and the start of the holiday season. Hope you enjoy some of these fall themed activities as much as we do.

Learning with Fall Leaves

Colors, counting, even sewing; leaves make great learning tools that all children like to collect.

fall learning activities for kids with leaves

1. Practice letter sounds with a fall ABC roll and say game. Pick up the game and practice motor skills by having your child move the small nut without his hands, just the tray!

2. Work our your memory with a free printable Autumn leaf memory game.

3. Leaves make a great material for beginners to sew with! The crunchy ones might not work as well.

4. It’s like a puzzle, leaf shadow matching makes a great file folder game!

5. Number art made easy, try this number recognition fall tree painting.

6. Go on a nature walk and learn to identify a tree by its leaves with these identification cards.

 Fall Apple Learning Activities

Apples are in season so why not use them in your learning activities!

apple learning activities for kids

7. Get some more ABC practice in with this simple apple letter tree activity.

8. Free apple themed printables will brighten up your lesson plan.

9. Make math fun with lots of free apple themed math printables and learn how to use them Montessori style.

10. There are lots of fun ways to count and learn number recognition with apples!

11. Apple science teaches children all about fruit and what’s inside an apple.

12. There’s even more ways to play and create with apples here.

More Unique Fall Learning Activities

Have you found some inspiration? If not, here are a few more learning activities that kids will love!

fall themed learning activities for kids

13. Sing, sing a fall song or teach your kiddos some fun rhymes for circle time!

14. A guess who game combines critical thinking with language arts and includes a cute owl craft too!

15. Pumpkins make handwriting practice festive! Get a free printable here.

16. With the fall harvest comes Thanksgiving, a perfect learning theme for fall.

17. The Creator of the universe invented fall, so you know you have to try one of these fall Bible activities.

18. You can’t go wrong with a few more fall arts and crafts for those fine motor skills.

Fall Mega Cash Giveaway!

I’ve partnered with lots of other bloggers to bring you a Mega Cash Giveaway and lots of other ideas for Fall Activities for kids! 4 lucky people will win $500 cash.

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