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are wild mice safe

Mercy Mouse

If you have ever walked out your front door into several feet of snow wearing shorts, because the day before it was sunny and hot, and you had no idea the weather could change … [Read More...]




homeschooling through the holidays

Homeschooling Through the Holidays and Mom’s Library #117

Some homeschoolers take a long break, others work right on through. If you’re like me, you’re right in between! When it comes to homeschooling through the holidays, simple things can be done to help your children from being distracted while still having lots of fun during the celebrations. Welcome to Mom’s Library! This post is […]

easy christmas traditions for kids

10 Easy Christmas Traditions and a Giveaway!

No more elaborate Christmas traditions. Less is more, and an easy activity can still be the most memorable of the season. Here are 10 Easy Christmas Traditions that you can actually keep year after year. This post contains and awesome giveaway! For more information read my full disclosure. Easy Christmas Traditions Sometimes the best traditions […]