Easter Story Activities for Kids and Mom’s Library #90

I asked children in my preschool bible class what Easter was all about.  Guess what they said?  ”It’s about Jesus!”  Yay!  That’s what most of the kids said.  Some were a little confused and asked about bunnies and eggs.  Those are cute and fun, but we know they only add to the celebration.  The most amazing and miraculous thing happened on Easter.  If you are looking for resources to tell children about the true reason we celebrate, I’ve got some great crafts and activities for you!

Easter Story Activities for kids

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This Week’s Featured Posts…


Palm Sunday Crafts and Activities

This is a big part of the Easter story.  Get free printables and lots of ideas here!

palm sunday


Resurrection Stone

This free printable shows the resurrection taking place around the stone that covered the tomb.  This would be great for a lap book!

resurrection craft


The Lord is My Shepherd Themed Activities

Combine learning with these Easter themed activities.  Just looking at this puzzle brings me peace.

the lord is my shepherd puzzle


Resurrection Craft

Roll away the stone, see the glory of God!  This craft is simple and kids love rolling the stone away!

resurrection craft for kids


Easter Story Trivia Game

Check out this free printable Jeopardy-style trivia game for some Christ-centered family fun!

easter story printable game


Easter Activities for the Family

Great ideas for celebrating Easter together!

Easter activities for the family


Resurrection Garden with a Great Twist!

I love the way this garden is done, with an activity for 4 days that goes with the death and resurrection of Jesus.

resurrection activity


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Healthy Snacks for Kids: Hard Boiled Egg Faces

It’s after the Easter Holiday and you look in the fridge.  You see tie-dyed eggs, neon eggs, oh and crayon resist eggs you saw on Pinterest that you had to try.  What are you going to do with them all!?  If only your kids were as excited about eating them as you are about getting them out of your fridge.  Well, try this fun snack kids can make themselves.  They’ll love making art with their food!

boiled egg snack for kids

How to: Egg Faces Snack

I made this snack into an activity by having my daughter come up with some of the ingredients we could use to make faces on our eggs.  We brainstormed lots of things to get her really involved in the creative process.  Ultimately we were constrained by the limited supplies in the refrigerator; cucumbers, carrots, and sunflower seeds, but we’ll have lots of ideas for next time!

My daughter made the boiled eggs all by herself using this safe and easy method that makes peeling really easy.  Then she cut the eggs into thin slices.  It was a little tricky, but she enjoyed eating the scraps.

slicing boiled eggs for snack

We prepared everything else we needed to assemble our snack; toasted the toast, peeled some carrots and cut up some cucumbers.

carrots for boiled egg snack

For younger children, this could be a great time to talk about feelings and the different faces we make for each.  Can your child make a mad egg face?  How about a super silly one?  Or how about making a face yourself and seeing if your child can copy it?  Whatever you end up doing, it will be deliciously fun!

snack for kids with boiled eggs

 My daughter loved making her faces, and eating them too.  She even asked me if she could make them again tomorrow.  Good breakfast idea Audrey!  And if she wants to clear my fridge of boiled eggs, God bless her heart!

boiled egg snack

What kind of ingredients would you use to make egg faces?  I think a little homemade fry sauce would be good!

If you make these at home with your child, please share a picture on our Facebook page.  I’d love to share the cuteness with my followers.

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