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Swimming with baby in the pool

Swimming with Baby

Last time I went to the pool I had a horrible experience. I had my hands full in the kiddie pool watching 3 children. The two oldest were doing great, but my 2-year-old son … [Read More...]




Summer Learning Adventure Challenge for Elementary Kids - the Coolest thing to do to prevent summer slide.

Take the Ultimate Summer Learning Adventure Challenge

During the summer, we take a little break from homeschooling. We never fully quit, but do a relaxed schedule with several breaks. I am really excited about this new program that teaches my children life skills while helping them review reading, math, and writing. It’s going to help take the pressure off of me and give […]

Celebrating the end of the school year

Celebrating the End of the School Year

We are always super excited to start the school year. A new year, a fresh start to a lot of doing nothing over Summer break. Likewise, as we approach the end of the school year, we are barely over-coming homeschool burn-out and we cannot wait to begin everything that summer has to offer us this year! In […]