Values for Children: Teach Honesty

The value of honesty is one of the most important.  It will establish in your children a strong desire to do what is right.

Want to teach your children values?
Below, you will find tips, tools, and resources to teach them about Honesty.


Honesty means telling the truth no matter what consequences you may face.  An honest person does what he says he is going to do and never lies, cheats or steals.


“Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much. ” Luke 16:10


Let’s Talk About Honesty

  • Trust is the consequence of honesty.  Broken promises break people’s trust.  Explain what promises are and why they should not be made if they cannot be kept.
  • Play a game.  Ask your child why they should follow the rules of the game.  Ask them how they would feel if someone cheated to win the game.
  • Loss of Privilege. If you children are dishonest, take a privilege away that directly relates to what they lied about.  For example, if they ate a treat without asking, do not allow them to touch the treat jar or go into the pantry until they regain your trust.
  • God Knows.  Remind them that even if they lie and don’t get caught, God knows everything they do, both good and bad.  He is watching them all the time.

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Books that Teach Values: Honesty

books that teach values, honesty

George Washington and the Cherry Tree

This classic tale of honesty has a profound impact on young children.  They want approval from their parents and this story shows exactly how they can get it.  This version is for Kindle and includes real photographs with 3D characters.  You can also find the story for free here.  Ages 4+


books that teach values

Free Book of Virtues

This eBook is filled with the most important virtues for children.  Explanations are simple and classic works of art will capture your child’s attention.  Ages 3+


books that teach values, honesty

Halfway Herbert

Herbert always leaves things unfinished.  He tells a “half-truth” and learns why honesty is the best policy.  In the end he decides to follow God with all his heart.  Ages 4+



Activities That Teach Values: Honesty


Honesty Bank

Give your child a small container to use as an Honesty Bank.
Give them a penny or other item when they are being honest.
Take pennies away when they are dishonest.
When they fill up their bank allow them to do something special.

The Tower of Trust

When talking about Honesty, use blocks to show how trust is gained and lost.
Tell your children to think of the blocks as times they have been honest.
As you build the tower, ask your children for examples.
They cleaned their room right away after being asked.
They returned a toy they accidentally took from their friend.
They told the truth when asked if they hit their sibling.
Show them what happens when they are dishonest and
pull a block from the tower for each example you give until the tower falls.
Point out how much effort it took to build the tower,
but just like trust, it didn’t take long to destroy it.

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activities that teach values


Practice Honesty When Receiving Gifts

activities that teach values, teach honesty

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  1. Sia says

    “Honesty means telling the truth no matter what consequences you may face. An honest person does what he says he is going to do and never lies, cheats or steals. “

    Are you sure? That means someone who says they like the awful haircut is dishonest – I grant you, they fibbed but it doesn’t seem the same thing as dishonesty somehow.

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