Spelling and Writing Activity for Kids: Rainbow Words

Spelling and writing were my least favorite subjects.  I couldn’t stand trying to stay perfectly in the lines or memorizing words.  I don’t want my children to get burned out like I did.  So, we make art while practicing writing and spelling at the same time!

writing and spelling activity

I use this activity to change up our regular spelling and writing practice.  Kids love making these “Rainbow Words”.  In fact, I find my children practicing on their own and making pictures around their words.

Rainbow Words Spelling Activity

Making rainbow words is easy.  We use crayons so the colors don’t bleed together and turn brown.  Colored pencils might work too, but crayons seem to be best because the lines are thicker so the rainbow really shows through.

First, I pick my children’s spelling words.  For my younger daughter, it is her name.  I write the words down for my children and they trace them with a crayon, spelling the word out loud as they write.  After they go over the word with one color, they repeat the process a few more times with different colors until they get a word rainbow.

writing activity with art

 For my older daughter Audrey, I use words she is struggling to read and try to group them so they go together.  For example, sometimes she has trouble with the “ight” sound.  So I’ll pick the word “light” and try to find words that go poetically with it like “rays” “sight” “colors” and “bright”.  Other times, we’ll do a sentence so the practice is more meaningful and she can draw a picture with it.  You could even do Bible verses to help your children memorize scripture.

spelling word activity

I love this activity because it not only helps my children develop their writing and spelling skills, it turns into beautiful artwork that I proudly display.  Audrey likes to give hers out to people she cares about.  There are lots of ways to practice writing and spelling, but if your children like art this might be the perfect activity for them!

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