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Tease, Tickle, Taunt…Teach?

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Apparently, not every child is eager to learn.  In fact, "making learning fun" is a billion dollar industry.  Everything from "Sesame Street" to "Leap Frog" is an attempt by this billion dollar industry to get kids interested in reading, writing, and arithmetic. Over the past few years I have purchased an assortment of these "Make Learning Fun" products.  Yes, my kids really enjoyed them, but … [Read more...]

Reclaiming Our Children

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As parents we have this in common: a deep love for our children and a strong desire to see them succeed in life. We pray for the blessings of a strong faith, a happy family, and great financial security for all our children. We would like to believe that modern education shares our vision, but the reality suggests otherwise. Photo Credit: Fotoilia © Viktor Kuryan A theory or … [Read more...]