Melissa and Doug Terrific Twenty List and Giveaways

Melissa and Doug Toys are classic – the kind of toys that you never want to throw out!  For Christmas Shopping I love looking at their Terrific Twenty list that includes the top toys of 2012, for all the kids on my list.
Some of my daughter’s favorite toys are Melissa and Doug, like their Mini Dollhouse.  That is why I am so excited to bring you this Melissa and Doug Giveaway!  

Everyday, they will be giving away one of the toys from the Terrific Twenty list on their Facebook Page.  So be sure to head over there to enter between Nov 6th-Nov 26th. Here’s the exciting part; they are giving ME and my friend Mama Miss more toys to give away to YOU, True Aim Readers!  To enter just complete the simple steps below.  There are 2 prizes total.  Good luck! This giveaway ends 11/26/12

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Note: Only people with a U.S. address can enter.  If you have any questions please email me tulip(at)trueaimeducation(dot)com.

Disclaimer:  I received a Melissa and Doug product for review.  However, I never recommend products my family doesn’t love and use.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    I would LOVE the My Own Mailbox set! My daycare kiddos LOVE the “mail lady”!

  2. I like the train set! :)

  3. I love the metal grocery basket. It’s perfect for my girls and their interests right now. It’s so much better than the other cheapo grocery sets we’ve had and eventually thrown away before.

  4. Probably the mail set or the tea set for my niece :)

  5. Would Love To Win The Big Rig. Goblin Loves Trucks

  6. So hard to decide! Since we own a few of the wooden vehicles, I would say that my daughter would love the tea set!

  7. We love love love playing kitchen so
    for us it’s definitely the grocery basket
    and play food!
    Hours of giggles and fun!
    Thank you thank you thank YOU!!!!

  8. I like it.

  9. I really like the Big Rig Build Truck for my boys.

  10. I love the Big Rig Truck…

  11. Love the push toy!

  12. I love the wildlife sorting truck!!

  13. trunki looks like fun!

    ykatrina at hotmail dot com

  14. I love the push toy!


  15. My little on loves animals and would have a lot of fun playing with the wild animal truck!

  16. Love the tea set!

  17. I would love the mailbox for my kids!

  18. The wildlife sorting toy. Love it!

  19. My son would LOVE the wildlife sorting toy. He loves animals and loves to sort!

  20. Trunki!

  21. Anonymous says:

    Stamp a scene fairly garden would be my choice. The daycare kids love arts and crafts & I don’t have many stamps.

  22. Anonymous says:

    My son would love the train tunnel!

  23. Suspend looks like fun!

  24. I love the train tunnel!

  25. Love the Beeposh Elvis Lion! So cute!!

  26. I think my 3yo would love the Trunki – but the Doorbell House is also adorable!

  27. My kiddos would love the doorbell house!

  28. I like the My own MailboX toy :)

  29. Melissa & Doug toys are great! I like the school bus set the best, I think :)

  30. I think he would love the doorbell house :)

  31. my boys would love to have the train set!

  32. My little guy would love the train set!

  33. I’d love to win the trunki!

  34. My grandson would love the train set!

  35. added you to my list

  36. mailbox

  37. My favorite is Trunki. :)

  38. I want the my own mailbox

  39. I would have to agree that I want the mailbox! My son just got a book from the library about the post office and is now obsessed with getting the mail. How cool would it be if he had his own box?!

  40. LOVE the wooden train set!

  41. I love the doorbell house!

  42. I love the mailbox set, I know my son would love to play with it. We have several Melissa and Doug toys and our boys really enjoy them. Thanks!

  43. I love the zoo animal sorting truck!
    erinb1 at aol dot com

  44. I love the mailbox because I can see my kids writing notes to everyone and using it. It could be a great learning & caring activity! Love M&D stuff! :)

  45. I would love the Rattle Rumble Push Toy for my 9 month old

  46. I would love the big rig building set!

  47. I’d love to win the wildlife sorting truck

  48. I love the tea set! It is so darling!

  49. I’d really like Mini Dollhouse for my daughter.

  50. My daughter would live this dollhouse!!!

  51. The train tunnel! My boys are getting a train table for Christmas!!!

  52. The big rig builder!

  53. My girls would love the mailbox!

  54. My son LOVES trains so the tunnel would be an awesome win.

  55. My favorite is the wildlife sorting truck. I think my 2 yr old would love it.

  56. The Big Rig Building Truck Wooden Play Set is my favorite.
    Susan Chester

  57. My daughter would love the Big Rig Building set. My favorite toy was litebrite when I was little.,

  58. I just put the mailbox on my son’t wish list this morning!

  59. Cutting Food

  60. I like the Animal Rescue Shape-Sorting Truck Wooden Toy.

  61. The food and basket!

  62. The grocery basket set

  63. Love the magic mine train tunnel

  64. The grocery basket.

  65. Love the Whittle World Wooden School Bus Set

  66. The Trunki

  67. The School Buss… so cute!

  68. I like the Mailbox.

  69. the mailbox looks fun and the dollhouse

  70. I love the train set :)

  71. There’s too many cute ones! Dollhouse, Wooden Mailbox, Trunki Trixie

  72. We would love the Animal Rescue Shape-Sorting Truck

  73. Sandy VanHoey says:

    I like the trunki and the Stamp-a-Scene Fairy Garden

  74. Switch n Spin!

  75. Switch and Spin Gearboard and Trunki!

  76. I really want to try that Suspend game! It looks really cool!!

  77. I love the Rattle Rumble Push Toy!

  78. My son would love to have the Rattle Rumble Push Toy

  79. I would love the door bell house! It is cute!

  80. Natalie FInch says:

    My son would love the “Magic Mine Train Tunnel”

  81. I’d love the Trunki!!

  82. I want to win the doorbell house

  83. the tea set!

  84. The doorbell house.

  85. I like the trunki and the train set.

  86. My son would go nuts for the train tunnel

  87. I would choose the tea set.

  88. I would choose the trunki suitcase

  89. The tea set looks great!

  90. We’d love the scratch art light box.

  91. I love my own mailbox!

  92. I like the Beeposh Elvis Elephant

  93. Love the trunki

  94. I like the Grocery Basket with Play Food!

  95. I think our family would love playing “Suspend”

  96. Love the trunki

  97. It’s difficult to pick a favorite because all Melissa & Doug toys are wonderful. My son would love the train.

  98. We would like the mailbox or fashion design set

  99. I LOVE Melissa & Doug toys! I would love to win the My Very Own Mailbox. My daughter has really caught fire with her writing and I think this would be a perfect gift for her! Thanks for the giveaway!

  100. My kids would love the tea set!

  101. The Trunki!!

  102. My son would love the Rattle Rumble Push toy!

    acartwrightmorell at gmail dot com

  103. I’d love the trunki.

  104. Big rig building set would be great for my son

  105. I like the Rattle Rumble Push Toy for $69.99!

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  106. My favorite is the big rig building set

  107. Magic Mine Wooden Train Tunnel set

  108. i love the train tunnel and and shopping cart

  109. My son would love the Doorbell House (but honestly, he’d love anything on the list)! :)

  110. Scratch Art Light Box

  111. I love the Rattle Rumble Push Toy!
    octoberthings at gmail dot com

  112. Definitely the Metal Grocery Basket. Playing kitchen is a favorite in our house and a good grocery basket is a must in any kid kitchen! Thanks for the giveaway, Melissa and Doug toys are great.

  113. tea set

  114. Trunki Suitcase

  115. The Trunki is my favorite. Thanks!

  116. I like the tea set best.

  117. The wild life rescue truck is very cool

  118. My favorite is the Rattle Rumble Toddler Push Toy.

  119. big rig building set

    frankandkatie at gmail dot com

  120. Favorite: Switch & Spin Magnetic Gear Board

  121. Love the Whittle World Wooden School Bus Set

  122. Trunki is our fave!

  123. I like the big rig building set
    Sarah at

  124. big rig building set

  125. I like the “my own mailbox”

  126. Fairy Stamp Set

  127. The Magic Train tunnel! For my little boy. :)

  128. doorbell house

  129. Either the Trunki or the Big Rig Building Truck!

  130. I love the Big Rig building set and the Whittle World school bus set

  131. My kids would love the Trunki! They love to pull there own suitcase when they go to St. Louis to see there Grandparents!

  132. The mailbox is my favorite!

  133. Love the trunki! Love the big rig, the safarai, the train, the lion! I wish I could have one of each!!

  134. love the trunki and all the fun items! andreahutch79 at aol dot com

  135. I think my little girl would love the scratch art portable light box!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  136. My son would love the Big Rig Building Set.

  137. The wildlife rescue sorting is darling!

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