Manners for Children Live Video Hangout

Within the first month of getting married I realized how horrible my manners really were. My childhood was pretty free, while my husband grew up in a stricter house hold.

We were eating dinner one night, when my husband looked up and saw a chomping, chugging, slurping, burping, lady that somewhat resembled his wife.  I looked up and saw his face and asked with a mouth full of food, “wha?”  Now that I was relaxed in my own home, I had let my manners fall by the wayside.

Manners for children

I realized my shortcomings and that empowered me to teach my children good habits. Because, it’s not just about manners, right?  It is about being considerate to others.
Now that I have taught my children manners and set the standard high, they help me stay in line. This makes everyone happier at the dinner table, and beyond, because everyone is more aware of how their words and actions effect others.
We all know manners are important, but how do we instill them in our children?  Judge Clarence Thomas said, “Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot.” So I’ve joined Jodi from Meaningful Mama to share some fun activities to get your children excited about having good manners.

Manners for Children Live Video Hangout

Manners Games for Kids

Etiquette Dinner Party

Learn how Jodi does her Etiquette Dinners and check out her list of Table Manners for kids.

manners for children, etiquette dinner party

Roll Playing with Manners

Practice makes perfect.  Jodi’s kids get lots of practice with this fun game.
manners for children, roll play game

Free Table Manners Printable

Display the rules so your children know what to expect.
manner for children, free table manners printable

The Manners Game

The simplest way to teach table manners.

manners for children, manners game

Shy or Rude?

Many young children have a natural fear of meeting new people.  Here are some tips to get your child over this fear.
manners for children, being shy

Manners Books for Children

Manners for children, books on manners for children
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