Make Math Fun with Splash Math: Review & Giveaway

I’m sharing things that helped my daughter develop a love for math inspired by a sponsorship from Splash Math.  For more information read my full disclosure.

In our house, math is a favorite subject.  The other day I caught my 6-year-old daughter writing equations and solving them on her own!  I never thought a young girl could be that interested in math.  But for a lot of children, math isn’t fun.  It’s frustrating!  So how do you inspire love for a subject that maybe you dread yourself?

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2 ways to make math fun

Motivation and modalities are the two key techniques I use to help my children with math. For motivation, I introduce the subject through things my kids are really interested in.  Does your child like puppies, candy, or money?  Those are a few of my daughter’s favorite things.  So, I use them to talk about the problems in a way that inspires her to find the answer.

Make math fun

For example, if Audrey has 4 puppies and I give her 1 more puppy, how many puppies will she get to play with now?  Maybe we’ll use candy to help us solve an equation and then eat it as a reward or find out how many chores she has to do to earn enough to buy a Lego set.  Connecting the problems to real life is key to making math meaningful, and also fun, for your children.

Changing the way your children solve the problems is another technique that really helps (modalities).  If my daughter sees the same math problem represented in different ways and learns to solve them, she’ll start to recognize patterns in the equations.  For example, I can show Audrey the same addition problem represented by pictures, or numbers, or by a story problem to help her understand that they are all the same.

make math fun splash math review

That is why I love Splash Math!  It does all of these things for you.  It motivates your children through interactive games, a reward system, and exciting HD animations, while introducing your children to several different modalities of the same problem.

We’ve been using it for a few months now and it has really improved Audrey’s math comprehension.  Plus, she requests to play all the time!  Watch the video below to get a glimpse of what it’s like to play. Splash Math is a comprehensive math program for children in Grades 1-5.  Covering over 300+ concepts, your children can practice math anywhere with access from your home computer, tablet, or IPad.  You can also track your children’s progress in a detailed report to see which skills they have mastered, and which ones they need more practice on.  The best part is, your children get 20 questions per day for free!

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    Thanks my grandchildren will love this , thanks for letting us know. Really easy to sign up. Can’t wait to start with the Splash Math

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