Handmade Birthday Cards for Kids!

Cards are a nice gesture.  Handmade cards are an extension of the heart.  That’s why it’s our family tradition to make homemade birthday cards.  When making our cards, I like to inspire my children with different techniques.  Then, when they are creating on their own, they will use the techniques to make something totally unique.

homemade birthday cards for kids


Construction paper or card stock,
Scrapbook paper
School Glue
Glitter Glue from CraftProjectIdeas.com
Coloring supplies
Stencils (optional)

This homemade birthday card is simple:

Fold your paper or card stock in half to make your card base.  Have your children cut scrapbooking paper into a large rectangle for a birthday cake and small strips for candles. Glue down your pieces to make a birthday cake.  Have your children “frost” the cake and “light” the candles with glitter glue.  Finally, use stencils or just write your birthday message.

homemade birthday cards for kids

Once I showed my 5-yr-old daughter this technique she came up with her own designs for the inside of her card.

homemade birthday cards for kidshomemade birthday cards for kids

I loved making these cards with my children because they weren’t just meaningless crafts that you want to throw away right after they’re done.  Not only was I excited to hang them up, but it also created an opportunity to talk about expressing our love for others and being generous.

homemade birthday cards for kids


Making lots of handmade birthday cards also makes remembering birthdays a breeze.  We can do a few month’s worth of cards in advance and have them addressed and ready to go.  We simply put them in a special drawer with some of our best crafts that we send to people on their birthday.

Do you make handmade cards with your kids?
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I was generously given craft supplies from CraftProjectIdeas.com.  All opinions and craft ideas are my own.  I was not compensated for this post.


  1. says

    I’m like the least crafty mom around, but I love to do pasting and gluing projects with my boys– pasting different shapes of cut-up paper onto other papers to make pictures of new and interesting things. Simple for me and fun for them.

  2. Linda says

    This would be great for us. I craft with my grandchildren and they would love this! Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. Heather C says

    These are lovely cards! The only thing I would like to clarify is that no crafting is “meaningless” All expressions of art are important, and young children often scribble as they are learning to write and draw. It is an important process of learning for them. So even when they are scribbling or making things that you like are meaningless, it is really quite the opposite. And it’s okay, it’s not worthless or a waste of time.


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