Free Piano Lessons For Kids Review and Giveaway!

If you’ve ever wanted your children to learn how to play piano, here’s your chance.  With these free piano lessons for kids, anyone can teach their children to play the piano!

free piano lessons for kids

I started teaching my oldest daughter Audrey (now age 5) how to play a year ago, but my skills are very limited.  Then I was introduced to  It filled in the musical knowledge that I lacked and gave my children a fun new way to learn how to play.  Even if you don’t know how to play piano yourself, you can give your children Piano Lessons right at home!  Here are my favorite things about the program.

Free Piano Lessons for Kids

No Experience Needed
If you have no musical abilities, these lessons are the perfect fit.  Your children simply watch their piano teacher Mr. Hoffman on video, and then you help them practice the lesson.  Lessons are very short, allowing lots of time for practice after the video.  I love it because I have control over the pace of the lesson.  I can stop the video to make sure my children understand what is going on and I can have them watch it more than once if they are having trouble.

free piano lessons for kids

Covers All the Basics and More
Your children will learn all the basics including proper technique, music theory, rhythm, notation, and more.  Best of all, the lessons cover advanced concepts in a simple way to aid children in composing and improvising their own songs!

Makes Learning Fun
Lessons are interactive and include hands-on activities.  My daughters’ favorite activity is the Heartbeat Mat.  In this activity, they hit each heart from left to right on the mat for each beat in the song.  This has greatly improved my 5-year-old’s ability to keep the beat!  You’ll find more activites just like this one throughout the lessons.

Free piano lessons for kids

Additional Materials Available
For more enrichment activities, lesson materials and accompaniment tracks go to Store.  Compared to the cost of traditional piano lessons that range from $30-45 per lesson, this is an amazing value!

Here is Emma (age 3) playing her first song after her first lesson!


Start piano lessons now at and save 50% on all piano materials until Oct. 31st 2013!

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  1. Barb Powers says:

    My girls have always wanted to learn, and me also, so we’ll give it a try! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Rachelle says:

    I have the piano, but have never attempted lessons for my daughter b/c it is so intimating. This is great!

  3. Vanessa says:

    This looks like a great resource. Thanks for sharing! I like that the videos are available free for those that may not be able to afford lessons. and the child can work at his or her own pace and go back and watch the video again if needed.

  4. I really like this, our girl will be so happy to see this site, me too!

  5. Our girl would love this, and so would I, go to show it to her, and see where we go.

  6. Nikole A. says:

    I just started this with my 6 yr old! She likes it so far… :)

  7. I will have to use this site with my son. I took piano lessons when I was young but am not good enough to teach him. Thanks for sharing this piano lesson resource.

  8. Sandy Grant says:

    I am so excited to use these with my boys this fall.

  9. Kim Elliott says:

    I’m so excited to try this with my 3 year old. We are getting her grandma’s piano this week.

  10. We watched the first lesson. It looks like a great resource. I have my mom’s piano, and it is sadly under-used. I can’t wait to start this with my kids.

  11. Michelle Hill says:

    What a great resource! Thanks for sharing :)

  12. My kids would love to take piano lessons, but we just can’t afford the expense of it (5 kids!). I have taught them what I can, but this would be a great resource. Thank you for sharing!

  13. Mindy R says:

    I watched the first lesson, and it seems perfect for our kids to understand. I can’t wait to use it.

  14. Christina says:

    My daughter and I are really excited about this program! We’ve been through the first two lessons and love it!

  15. I am excited to give this a try on my own. I don’t have any small children but have always wanted to learn. Thanks for sharing this.

  16. Bridget says:

    Exciting! This would be a wonderful thing for my family to use as we are all using the free videos to learn to play piano.

  17. Steve Rodgers says:

    Awesome ideas! I am a teacher and father of four, and I am always looking for ways to keep my kids sharp during the summer. It is important to do educational activities with them. Even something as simple as connect the dots game can pay off monumentally in their upcoming school year. Thanks for posting.

  18. Great way to start to play piano!

  19. Christina says:

    Looks like a great program!

  20. Melissa B. says:

    I sampled lesson 2 – musical alphabet.

  21. Joni Owada says:

    Very interesting, I would love for my kids to learn to play the piano

  22. Jenny Stanek says:

    Oh my gosh, how awesome!

  23. It is good to hear that you have found a music program on the internet that helps. There are several of them online. I must agree FreePianoLessons4Kids
    has good piano program for kids.
    Carlinton recently posted…Easy Piano Lessons for ChildrenMy Profile

  24. Wow! Emma at 3 years old playing the keyboard. This is great Tulip!

  25. Wonderful ideas and great point about targeting on the piano. You make such a good tutorial for kids. Best ever shareable blog!
    Tipler @ Piano Lessons Chicago recently posted…Jun 27, Frank J. Oteri Interview – All Piano LessonsMy Profile

  26. I normally really advocate more traditional teaching methods, but the fact that you can get all this material for free is really great. I tried this with my daughter and although she had a little bit of trouble sitting and focusing on the lessons at first, she eventually settled down and actually followed along and did well.

    It’s great that general musical knowledge is also incorporated into the program because this type of abstract thinking is really beneficial to the developing mind. Overall a great idea!

    Adam M

  27. If a student’s ultimate goal is to play popular music, or even to do it with classical on an equal footing, this idea that you must study classical music first is incorrect. In fact, even if one’s goal is to focus strictly on classical literature, there is great value in studying popular chord technique and improvisation. The best way to study music theory is through POPULAR music! This is because chords are presented in a straightforward manner, as chord symbols, without even having to read music!
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  28. Young piano students will get used to the notion that little steps today actually prepare them for the future. The perception that not everything in life is instantaneous will be embedded in their minds.

  29. Great pianists come in all shapes and sizes. There is no preference for long slender fingers. In fact, if there were a preference, it would be tapered fingers. These are fingers that are thick and muscular at the point where they connect to the hand, but become thinner towards the tips. This allows the fingers to have strength yet can also easily fit between the black notes, when necessary. In fact, comments I’ve often heard from people who have the fabled long, slender fingers are that they make MORE mistakes, their fingers get “tied up in knots,” and that they are more prone to carpal tunnel injury!

  30. For so many people, having music in their lives means having a piano in their homes. And while the piano is beefing up your brain, it’s adding beauty to your home, joy to your entertaining and a lasting investment to your life.

  31. Looks great! When my daughter started learning, I found this article that helped her –

  32. Giving children the opportunity to participate fully in the creation of music will broaden their appreciation not only of music, but of all the arts that make up our world.

  33. Studying a musical instrument is about learning how to become good at something. There will various opportunities that their talents will be validated.
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