Flash Card Musical Chairs

Turn musical chairs into a learning activity by adding flash cards!

early learning at home

Do your kids need to get their wiggles out?

Put a new twist on an old game.  Help your children learn and burn off some energy by playing Flash Card Musical Chairs.  This game is so simple, but the kids love it.  I watch a 1st grader sometimes and he begs me to play this game.

Just like in the regular musical chairs I start the music and the kids run around the chairs. Sometimes I have them jump like a bunny or take big Goliath steps.  Occasionally I really get them going by reaching out and pretending to grab them.  When the music stops everyone sits down as fast as they can.  The first person who sits down gets to do a flash card first.  I like to give everyone a turn to do a card and then I reward them with a Popsicle Stick.

early learning at home

You could adjust play so whoever sits down last doesn’t get to do a card, but I like to give everyone a chance as long as they are playing the game right.  I don’t use one less chair and I don’t take away chairs.  Obviously, you can play any way you want.

I love this game because kids of all ages can play, but I can still challenge them individually by selecting flash cards according to their individual abilities.  Plus, the game helps the blood flow and makes it easier for them to remember the material.  I know that they will never forget playing this flash card game!

Next time your kids need to burn off some energy, don’t just make them drop and give you 20.  Wear them out and teach them something at the same time.

Have Fun!

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