Creative Art Activities for Kids and Mom’s Library #82

I never thought art was very important.  However, now that I’m older I see many of the most successful people have advanced artistic and creative abilities.  This doesn’t mean that they are master artists, but they have an eye for aesthetic qualities that make a good product or system.

That’s why it is wise to get kids involved in art at an early age.  It really boosts their creative abilities, has them focus on details, and gets them to plan ahead.  Sometimes, it really is about the process not the product, but eventually we want are children to be able to create what their hearts desire.  That is why experimenting with all sorts of creative art activities is so important and fun!  Check out these 9 art activities for inspiration!

creative art activities for kids

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art lessons for kids

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This Week’s Featured Posts…


Pom Pom Painting!

  Here’s a step by step tutorial to make your own pom poms and paint with them!   pom pom art activity for kids  


  This art activity combines a simple math concept and shapes to make beautiful patterns. tessellation art activity  

String Art

  I love the stained glass effect that this abstract art makes.  Try adding different textures too.   string art activity for kids  

Art Activities with Corks

  Create stamps, crafts, games and more using corks!   cork painting art activities  

Printing Blocks

  This ancient chinese tradition combines history and art!   printing block art  

Toast Painting

  Snack with your art anyone?   toast painting art  

Invent a New Way to Paint!

  The art created by inventing your own painting tool might be the best you’ve ever done.   invent a new way to paint  

Handprint Art

  There are lots of ways to do this, but here is a fun winter scene!   handprint art for kids  

Watercolor Drip Art

  Experiment with color by using droppers to splash paint on your canvas!   watercolor drip art activity  

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    You’re so right that art is useful for more than “just art.” Developing an artistic eye for systems and products is part of it. Exercising creativity is another! Our daughters were naturally drawn to art; we found our son didn’t really find his artistic expression until he found pixel art on the computer. (Yes, that does seem to fit the stereotypes, but my husband/his dad does both art both with a pencil and with the computer. It’s not like our son didn’t have a role model – it’s just what appealed to him!) There are some great computer art programs for younger kids, but my kids are way past that now and I don’t know the current ones.

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