Free Preschool Alphabet Busy Bag Printables

Preschool Ice Cream Alphabet Printables for Busy Bags

My kids seemed to learn their capital letters in a flash, but those lowercase letters can be tricky! They are just not as easily recognizable. It's completely understandable when you take a look at b, d, and p. This inspired me to create a fun hands-on activity to help my children learn their lowercase letters. They love ice cream and matching games, so I combined the two into a preschool … [Read more...]

How to Homeschool Preschool

christian homeschool preschool how to

In my homeschool, preschool is a big deal. It is the foundation on which everything is built. While this might sound scary for first time homeschoolers, don't be alarmed! Academics isn't everything.  It isn't even the majority. There are an infinite amount of facts you could teach your children. You might be the type who likes to fill their heads with lots of amazing facts that most of your … [Read more...]

Free Summer Printables for Kids

summer printables round up

Summertime equals free time for a lot of children.  Your children might be coming to you more often than you'd like which means you'll need some activities in reserve.  These free summer printables for kids will help with that by providing a quick an easy way to fend off boredom.  With hundreds of ideas, you're bound to find something for your children to do! Free Summer Printables for … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day Craft: Flower Hand and Foot Print Card

Mother's day foot print card

I'm a slacker.  I have so many posts that I just haven't had time to finish.  As a mom, I have to set my priorities straight and that means blogging gets pushed to the end of the day.  I did this Mother's Day Card last year with my preschool class and never posted about it!  Better late than never, right?! Hand prints are so telling.  It reminds us how quickly time goes by and how precious … [Read more...]

Free Mother’s Day Snack Tag Printable

mothers day free printable snack tag sample

It really is the toughest job on Earth while at the same time rewarding and in great demand.  Mothers, you are appreciated more than you know!  Don't discount the influence you have on your children and society. Last year at church, I was given a little lunch sack with goodies to share with my children.  A little card read... We took our snack to the park and had a mini-picnic.  It is a … [Read more...]